Outsmarting Mr Fox

Anyone who owns chickens (or any other poultry) is all too familiar with the cunning and relentless persistence of the local foxes. Perhaps at first you were complacent ("It won't…

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Organising the Egg Chaos

So you finally got some laying hens and the excitement of your morning omelet coming from your own back yard has been tarnished by the chaos of the eggs in…

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Building a New Chicken Home
Chicken coop and run

Building a New Chicken Home

I know many of you have been affected by the severe weather we have had in NSW over the previous months. I myself have not come through unscathed. We evacuated…

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Chickens – Foxes, Food & Flocks

My chickens and ducks have been a wonderful addition to my garden. I chose Australorp chickens as they are docile, good layers and do not go broody all the time…

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Chickens – a Great Addition

Chickens are a driving force in a permaculture system. No permaculture garden seems complete without them. “Produce no waste” is one of our permaculture principles and a permaculture system seeks…

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