Using Your Pond to Grow Other Herbs
Vietmanese mint

Using Your Pond to Grow Other Herbs

Keeping water up to the plants in my garden which are particularly thirsty can be an issue for me since I am solely reliant on tank water on my property.…

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Surviving The Frost

Where I live we received our first frost about a week ago. Our climate is warming and this year our first frost of the season came about 1 month later…

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Hugelkulture Garden Bed
Hugelkultur structure

Hugelkulture Garden Bed

Down the back of my yard there was an ugly pile of old rotting stumps and logs. They had been waiting patiently for me to make a hugelkultur garden bed…

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Creating a Balanced Ecosystem Pond

The permablitz I ran at Girraween on the weekend was my most exciting yet. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing the raised garden beds, the pruning, the planting, the…

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Creating a Food Forest

On the weekend a group of PDC students viewed my property as part of their course. It was wonderful being able to share all of the things that I have…

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Banana Circle

The banana circle has become as iconic in permaculture design as the herb spiral and chicken tractor. A banana circle is simply a circular hole about 2m in diameter and…

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Helping your Garden Survive Summer

As belting hot summer temperatures descend upon us we gardeners start thinking about how to protect our precious trees and plants from the furnace. It is often repeated that summer…

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