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September 2017 PermaBlitz

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Every month Permaculture Sydney West has a “Permablitz” at a member’s house where we arrive enmass equipped with all manner of tools, and a large dose of enthusiasm, to transform their garden. Today our permablitz ended up being at a school in Villawood. Our jobs were:
­čÉ×Build a h├╝gelkultur garden bed
­čÉ×Relocate the existing 3-bay composting system in the vegetable garden area
­čÉ×Add plants to the edge of the path and garden
The materials we had on hand for use in the h├╝gelkultur┬ágarden were not perfect – we really needed larger logs (and lots of them). With the smaller logs and lots of sticks and leaves the mound will sink more and it will have a shorter life, but we worked with what we had and turned a featureless corner and a huge pile of trimmed trees into a h├╝gelkultur mound that will soon support a productive garden.
Permaculture at its finest – turning what is often considered a waste product into something wonderful – and a community coming together to make it all happen.

Wishing you a fruitful and efficient garden!