About permaculture

Permaculture is a design process based on 3 core ethics creating self-regenerative and sustainable systems that encompass both the home and the community and provide for human needs while nurturing our environment

Permaculture is a holistic design method which creates balanced and sustainable ecosystems intended to meet as many basic human needs as possible from local resources. The design process incorporates the inside and the outside of the home as well as the local and extended community. It can be applied from a balcony to a farm, and from the city to the bush. It works in harmony with nature, harnessing the energies and free labour that nature provides to create enough surplus for human, animal and wildlife inhabitants. The system is purposefully designed into a closed-loop, self sustaining network where waste is put back into the system to begin the cycle again. Once established, the system should be resilient and self-perpetuating with limited human input and the majority of your labour being the harvesting of fresh, organic produce, useful materials, medicinal herbs, and other products of benefit to the human inhabitants.

When we co-operate with nature and with each other we become more resilient.

All permaculture designs and practices are based around 3 permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. These three ethics are underpinned by 12 permaculture principles that we should endeavour to incorporate into our day to day lives in order to move ever closer to a more sustainable and abundant future.
More information can be found on the permaculture principles and ethics at www.permacultureprinciples.com

The permaculture concept was first developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Tasmania in the 1970’s and is now a world-wide practice.

About me

My goal is to constantly move towards a more sustainable and abundant future,
both in the home and the wider community - and to take as many people with me as I can

I grew up on 200 acres near a small town called Nabiac. During my early years we had no electricity, no plumbing and no toilet – quite literally, for some of my childhood we took a shovel and went bush. Entertainment for myself and my 7 brothers and sisters was to take the dog and go camping, fishing, snake hunting, or generally roaming the land. Sometimes I longed for the things my friends all had – a TV, electric lighting, toilets, hot running water…  But not very often. The experience gave me a connection to the planet and an appreciation for sustainability that I didn’t recognise at the time.

When this country girl first moved to the city I lived in typical suburban houses and units. It didn’t take long to know that I needed more space around me. I now live on acreage in the foothills of the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney.

My first taste of permaculture some years ago felt like a “light bulb” moment for me. You know those times when you say to yourself “Ahhh! NOW it all makes sense!”. Everything I knew about gardening was turned upside down. It never did “sit right” with me anyway. Surely gardening wasn’t supposed to be this hard? Surely I was missing some key piece of the puzzle?

Now the light bulb flicked on. My garden was no longer an endless list of tasks as I beat it into conforming to my desires, a continuous merry-go-round as I wrestled Mother Nature into submission. Suddenly the garden was my friend.

So instead of telling Mother Nature what to do I put my ear to the ground and I listened intently to everything she had been trying to teach me all along. And I heard her breathe a huge sigh of relief and whisper “Ok dear, now let’s start from the beginning……”

From here I went on to complete my PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) but very quickly realised that the world of permaculture was a vast one and the PDC was merely a drop in an endless ocean. I continued on my path of learning and studied for 2 years with TAFE to complete my Certificate IV in Permaculture, after that multiple other online courses including Sustainable Living and Climate Change, and still learning. More recently I have trained to be a permaculture teacher doing a course with the amazing Rowe Morrow, Meg McGowan and Michael Wardle.

I am the President of Permaculture Sydney West and also run their monthly PermaBlitz where a team of dedicated members descend on a garden and we work on creating a permaculture space that the home owner can be proud of.

Compelled to “change the world” I started Full Cycle Permaculture and now design sustainable edible landscapes in and around Sydney.

I am now setting up a teaching facility as an example of a permaculture garden and food forest where I teach the Permaculture Design Certificate and run workhops so others can discover the magic of permaculture and embark on their own incredible journey.

Mother nature will ALWAYS have the last word – you will never win an argument with her.

Now run outside and create your oasis!


About my company

Full Cycle Permaculture

Our Mission Statement

To inspire people with the passion to continue down a more sustainable path.
To improve the planet, one person at a time.

While it doesn’t take long to turn an unproductive piece of dirt into a thriving, food producing ecosystem, if there is no one present who is going to fall in love with this space and nuture it into its full potential then the message has been lost.

Making the world a better place only starts in the garden – it won’t truly flourish until someone loves it!

Create a haven in your own back yard where Mother Nature does the work for you while you reap the rewards – save time and money while eating fresh, healthy, organic food. Put the permaculture principles to work today.