Need help turning your home into your oasis?

Permaculture Design Consultation and Plans

Whether you want someone to visit your property and give you enough ideas to get you started on your permaculture journey, or you want a master plan showing the placement of every aspect of your garden design, Full Cycle Permaculture has an option to suit every budget. Fruit trees planted in the wrong location can waste a lot of time and money so why not get it right from the beginning?

Consultation Permaculture Package includes:

  • Site visit to assess the specific requirements of you, your family, your pets, and your site
  • Site analysis
  • Permaculture report containing recommendations for the placement of elements and plants, as well as tips and ideas

Budget Permaculture Package includes:

  • Up to 3 site visits (to assess site and present final plans)
  • Concept design (A1 size print and pdf) *this includes placement of major elements on the site and suggestions of plants but does not include the exact placement of all plantings across the site.
  • Sector analysis
  • Site analysis
  • Information and tips on living more sustainably
  • Permaculture report containing recommendations for the placement of elements and plants, as well as tips and ideas

Full Permaculture Design Package includes:

  • As per Budget Package, PLUS
  • Full permaculture design (A1 size print and pdf) *this is in place of the Concept design in the Budget Package and includes the placement of all plants across the site
  • Realistic walk-through movies to get a visual of how your new garden will look

VIP Permaculture Design Package includes:

  • As per the Full Permaculture Design Package, PLUS
  • Plant profiles & care
  • Animal profiles & care
  • Project schedule
  • Free follow up visit in 12 months to reassess and tweak the system where necessary and address any issues

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Want to learn how to do your own permaculture design? Want to become a Permaculture Designer and start your own business?

Do a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) with Full Cycle Permaculture to get you on your way. Total course duration is 72 hours and every minute of that time is packed full of information so come prepared for brain overload! I completed my Teacher’s Training with Rowe Morrow and am keen to pass on as much knowledge as possible to the ever-growing permaculture community. 

  • Group classes held on a property in Kurrajong running on consecutive Saturdays. $900pp.
  • Private PDC courses available on request completed in the comfort of your own home. Contact me for a quote.
  • Coming soon – online PDC.

One Day workshop series

Whether you are a novice or expert gardener, these one day workshops are guaranteed to expand on your knowledge of food gardening. Workshops run seemlessly hand in hand with just enough cross-over to keep the content fresh and new but still cover the important issues which are applicable to several of the workshop topics.

Building Superior Soil. The Secret to an Effortless & Abundant Garden!

  • All healthy plants start with healthy soil! Don’t feed your plant, feed the soil biota and let them feed your plants. With this strategy you are guaranteed success! Get your hands dirty because the secret to a beautiful garden is a “brown thumb”, not a “green” one!

Exceptional Vegetable & Herb Gardens. When you need “Fast Food”

  • This workshop focuses primarily on the annual edibles and herbs, these are your “fast return” crops.

Fabulous Food Forests! The Supermarket that Keeps Giving!

  • This workshop focuses on the perennial edibles, the “long term” crops that just keep producing year after year with very little maintenance. Fruit trees and their support plants.

Water Wise Gardening – the Essence of Life

  • Tips, tricks, techniques and more. Passive watering techniques and water harvesting.