PDC Course Details


144 Cedar Ridge Road, Kurrajong, NSW


Off street parking is available. Please enter through the gate and park to the left.


26th February to 14th May 2022
Consecutive Saturdays


9am – 10:30am
10:30am – 10:45am
10:45am – 12:30pm
12:30pm – 1:30pm
1:30pm – 3pm
3pm – 3:15pm
3:15pm – 4:30pm

Morning tea
Afternoon tea

The site:

Please note that this site is not wheelchair friendly. Care must be taken when navigating the site to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.

This is a bush block with the usual hazards that come along with rural living. Wildlife is welcomed (including snakes and other animals which may offend but which are all part of our precious ecosystem). Please be aware of this.

My free ranged rooster is people-friendly.


Microwave available. Tea/coffee will be provided.

What to wear:

Please dress appropriate to the weather. The venue is an outdoor area under cover so please plan accordingly. Wear sturdy shoes suitable for field trips and bring hat/sunblock for outdoor activities.

What to bring:

For our course text book we will be using “Earth Users’ Guide to Permaculture” by Rosemary Morrow. Please bring this book with you if you are able. If you do not have this book, or are unable to purchase one before the course, then you will be able to purchase this on the day.

  • “Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture” by Rosemary Morrow (available from: https://store.holmgren.com.au/product/earth-users-guide-to-permaculture/). In the spirit of Earth Care I encourage students to purchase the eBook version of this textbook.
  • Pens/pencils
  • Notepad
  • Bring your own lunch as there are no shops available to purchase food. If you forget, then basic lunch options such as rolls, spreads, ham, cheese, etc will be provided. Please make a small donation if you make use of this offer.
  • Please bring your own mug from home for tea/coffee/water
  • Morning and afternoon tea will be shared with the group. If you wish to participate, please bring a snack suitable to share with everyone. 
During the course you will be completing a permaculture design. You will need the items below but these do not need to be purchased until several weeks into the course.
  • A1 or A2 paper or cardboard
  • A1 or A2 size tracing paper
  • Ruler
  • Coloured pencils or textas
  • Eraser
  • Optional drawing tools such as protractor, erasing shield, sharpener, stencils, french curves, sketch board, set square

Course topics:

  • Permaculture Ethics
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Patterns in Nature
  • Networks in Nature
  • Conducting client interviews
  • Water management
  • Climates and microclimates
  • Creating a base map
  • Living, breathing soil
  • Plants & Seed Saving
  • Reading the land
  • Doing a Site analysis
  • Methods for design
  • Zone 00: Care of people/self
  • Zone 0: Sustainable housing
  • Zone 1: Kitchen garden
  • Zone 2: Food forests
  • Zone 3: Farming land
  • Zone 4: Long term harvesting forests
  • Zone 5: The wilderness
  • Wildlife
  • Animals in the system
  • Designing for disasters
  • Doing Bubble diagrams
  • Creating a Concept design
  • Balcony/small space design
  • Broadacre design
  • Managing “pests”
  • Weeds: Guardians of the soil
  • Aquaculture
  • Creating your Final design
  • Other cultures
  • Permaculture at work
  • Social permaculture
  • Additional information:

    This course will include off-site excursions including:

    • Garden visits to permaculture gardens
    • PermaBlitz participation (optional)
    • Seed Savers meeting (optional)

    Note that this course has been scheduled assuming COVID restrictions do not pose an issue to on-site classes. This may need to be reassessed should restrictions change before or during the course. Some or all of the PDC may be moved to online (Zoom) format, or the course may need to be postponed. This will be at the discretion of the organiser. We will make every effort to ensure this Permaculture Design Certificate Course proceeds as planned.