Instant Edible Garden

Well, maybe it isn’t exactly “instant” but there are plenty of things you can do today to put fresh produce on the table within a very short time. With the…

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Planting Multiple Trees in one Hole
My two apple trees grown from seed showing how close they are planted

Planting Multiple Trees in one Hole

About 2 years ago I went to get some fruit trees from Engall’s Nursery at Dural. I targeted Engall’s (rather than one of my more local nurseries) not just for…

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February 2020 PermaBlitz

What an inspirational permablitz we had last weekend! Permaculture Sydney West descended upon the Bidwill Campus of Chifley College in their droves to work at the school farm. The farm…

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Building a New Chicken Home
Chicken coop and run

Building a New Chicken Home

I know many of you have been affected by the severe weather we have had in NSW over the previous months. I myself have not come through unscathed. We evacuated…

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Bushfire Protection Garden Design

Last night we needed to be evacuated from our home due to bushfire threat. A fire had jumped containment lines and was heading our way. Fortunately the wind changed direction…

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November 2019 PermaBlitz
Front yard done

November 2019 PermaBlitz

Our last Permablitz for the year was a huge success. The home owner is participating in the Sydney Edible Garden Trail next March and there were a few areas of…

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