November 2019 PermaBlitz
Front yard done

November 2019 PermaBlitz

Our last Permablitz for the year was a huge success. The home owner is participating in the Sydney Edible Garden Trail next March and there were a few areas of…

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September 2019 PermaBlitz

The garden we did the permablitz on last weekend had the perfect orientation. The growing areas were to the east and north with the house protecting the garden on the…

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Creating a Balanced Ecosystem Pond

The permablitz I ran at Girraween on the weekend was my most exciting yet. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing the raised garden beds, the pruning, the planting, the…

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February 2019 – Design PermaBlitz

On the weekend I ran a design PermaBlitz. This means that rather than having a Blitz where we all work like mad turning someone's garden into a permaculture paradise, we…

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Creating a Food Forest

On the weekend a group of PDC students viewed my property as part of their course. It was wonderful being able to share all of the things that I have…

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October 2018 PermaBlitz

I have now been given the honour of running our monthly PermaBlitz sessions. Our Blitz for October was in Schofields. We had an incredible 41 members of Permaculture Sydney West…

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Planting Seeds Using Soil Temperature
Use your wrist to check soil temperature

Planting Seeds Using Soil Temperature

Spring has arrived and as the weather warms you have started dreaming about all the seeds you will soon be planting. I can hear the pages of those enticing seed…

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