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Monstera deliciosa fruit

Monstera Deliciosa – a Delicious Fruiting Vine

Today I picked my last monstera deliciosa fruit of the season. This is a fantastic edible plant to have in your garden for multiple reasons. For me, the biggest plus is that it fruits from June to November so I am getting the delicious fruit during the winter months when citrus might be the only other fruit ready to pick in your garden.

Another great thing about this plant is that it will still produce in those shadier locations so you can make use of the areas in your garden where other fruit trees may not be suitable due to the lack of sunlight.

The monstera deliciosa vine is a beautiful plant and often grown as an ornamental. And let me tell you – it isn’t called “deliciosa” for nothing! The fruit have a tropical taste which I would liken to a cross between banana and pineapple.

Pick the fruit when the colour in between the green scales at the stem end begins to turn yellow.

But I must warn you of one thing. The unripe fruit will irritate the mouth so it is important to let it ripen properly after picking. I stand mine in a glass with the stem-end pointing up. As the monsera ripens the green skin will start to fall off. You can eat the flesh underneath after the skin breaks away. It will ripen gradually over several days like this.

This fruit is one of my favourites!

Now run outside and create your oasis.