Worm Tower Project

We have all been there – stack after stack of plastic pots left over from all the plants you have bought over the years. I am sure they breed in…

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Garden Retrofit Ideas & Tips

Over my Christmas break I plan to start my project converting some unused stables into a teaching venue and turning the land around the stables into an example of a…

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Hugelkulture Garden Bed
Hugelkultur structure

Hugelkulture Garden Bed

Down the back of my yard there was an ugly pile of old rotting stumps and logs. They had been waiting patiently for me to make a hugelkultur garden bed…

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Building a New Chicken Home
Chicken coop and run

Building a New Chicken Home

I know many of you have been affected by the severe weather we have had in NSW over the previous months. I myself have not come through unscathed. We evacuated…

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Creating a Balanced Ecosystem Pond

The permablitz I ran at Girraween on the weekend was my most exciting yet. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing the raised garden beds, the pruning, the planting, the…

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Keyhole Garden Beds

This type of garden bed is traditionally a raised circular garden with a "cutout" towards the centre of the bed so you can walk into the middle of your garden…

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